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August 2017 Issue

ZAK® Fuel Additive – The Official Fuel Additive of NASCAR®, is Now Available at the Gas Pump

June 28, 2016 •

After nearly two decades of engineering industry-leading, professional grade automotive performance products, ZAK Products® announces the launch of ZAK Fuel Additive – the Official Fuel Additive of NASCAR. This exclusive product is available to consumers at the pumps of select Murphy’s U.S.A. locations. ZAK Fuel Additive is designed to provide customers a convenient way to optimize their vehicle’s performance during their regular fuel fill-up.

“Since 2002, ZAK has exclusively offered its professional grade products to certified professional automotive service centers and franchised car dealerships. While ZAK’s focus will continue to be on engineering and supplying products to our core professional business, we are excited to give consumers the opportunity to experience ZAK’s Official Fuel Additive of NASCAR first-hand,” said Vic Keller, Founder of ZAK Products.

Adding ZAK Fuel Additive is as simple as pressing a button during your regular fill-up at the pump. The Official Fuel Additive of NASCAR is blended into the tank simultaneously as the gas is being pumped and is engineered to provide perfect blending ratios with a gas purchase – no pour-in required. Customers can select from three additive options, Essential, Enhanced or Premium, depending on their vehicle needs. ZAK Fuel Additive is safe to use on all vehicle makes and models and is designed to enhance performance with all grades of gasoline.

ZAK Fuel Additive cleans and protects a vehicle’s fuel system by quickly and safely removing power robbing deposits that build up over time. It cleans fuel injectors, increases fuel economy, protects fuel system components, prevents costly repairs and enhances vehicle performance. Consumers can conveniently experience the benefits of using the Official Fuel Additive of NASCAR by simply pressing the button while they are already at the pump.

ZAK Products® is a provider of professional grade automotive fluid and maintenance products to certified professional automotive service centers and franchised car dealerships across the United States. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, ZAK has been making products that help cars, trucks & SUV’s last longer since 2002. ZAK’s offers a wide range of comprehensive product lines including fuel, brake, cooling, climate control and lubrication systems, that each contain specifically formulated products that exceed the needs of today’s vehicles. As a Berkshire Hathaway Company, ZAK is an industry-leader that continues to innovate and grow rapidly in order to bring quality products to the professional market. ZAK Products is proud to be the #1 Professional Maintenance Fluid of NASCAR and the Official Fuel Additive of NASCAR.


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