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August 2017 Issue

VST Announces New Low Permeation Vacuum Assist Hoses for California’s Enhanced Vapor Recovery Market

September 14, 2016 •

The release of Executive Orders VR-201 and VR-202 – Revision U announces California Air Resources Board (CARB) certification of VST’s newest Enhanced Vapor Recovery (EVR) Product – ENVIRO-LOC™ Vacuum Assist Low Permeation Hoses – Model V34EV.

VST’s innovative solution strategy broadens the product offering while simultaneously integrating our proven technology of Lip Seal Swivel Couplings for easy swivel action and fewer leak points.

The ENVIRO-LOC™ Vacuum Assist Low Permeation Hose is a highly engineered fuel delivery product designed to exceed the stringent UL 330 requirements with less than 10 grams/m2/day of permeation. Model V34EV construction includes a high grade nitrile tube for maximum fuel resistance, 2-textile braid with dual helix wire reinforcement layer for excellent kink resistance, premium barrier layer for reduction of permeating volatile organic compounds (VOC), and a chlorinated polyethylene rubber cover, which offers superior fuel, ozone, and abrasion resistance.

Additionally, VST offers a variety of whip hose coupling options to accommodate all dispenser outlet ports.

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