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August 2017 Issue

PEI Publishes First 2017 Safety Video: Service Vehicle Safety

April 5, 2017 •

The Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) has announced the release of its first industry safety video of 2017.


“Service Vehicle Safety,” based on the popular “Dos and Don’ts” series of PEI safety tips, offers video examples of recommended procedures and cites unsafe practices to avoid in the petroleum and fuel equipment handling industry.


The video was developed by the 2016 PEI Safety Committee and was produced by the PEI staff as part of the PEI Safety Program. Filming occurred in Kansas City, Missouri; Dallas; Charlotte, North Carolina; and San Diego.


This is the third safety video PEI has released, with three more expected by the end of 2017. To view the PEI safety videos, visit the PEI YouTube channel,


In addition to the videos, the PEI Safety Program annually publishes workplace safety posters and “Dos and Don’ts” that address safety concerns within the petroleum and energy handling equipment industry. The association also publishes two free monthly safety e-newsletters, “SafetyLetter” and “SafePractices.” For more information about PEI’s safety resources, see


The PEI Safety Committee is made up of industry safety experts from across North America: Chris Farrell, Double Check Co. Inc.; Christopher G. Fasse, B&T Service Station Contractors; Brian Hora, METCO; Kevin Nicklin, Phoenix Petroleum Ltd.; Tom Ruga, Spark Contractors; Tim L. Thickstun, Advanced Fuel Systems Inc.; and Blake Hess, Oscar W. Larson Co. Peter B. Anstadt, PWI, Incorporated serves as Committee Chairman.


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