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PDQ Manufacturing Upgrades its Wash Access Loyalty System

September 10, 2014 •

PDQ Manufacturing, Inc., an industry-leading manufacturer of in-bay automatic vehicle wash systems, is pleased to announce that an upgrade to its Wash Access Loyalty System now allows drivers to sign up for unlimited subscription wash programs with recurring billing cycles through PDQ’s Access® Entry Station located at the entrance of a vehicle wash.

“Subscription wash programs with unlimited washing for a pre-established dollar amount are the next big thing in vehicle-washing applications,” said Brian Garavaglia, Business Development Manager for PDQ Manufacturing. “This type of program provides a certain amount of monthly revenue for the wash operator while allowing easy transactions for the wash customer. Also, think of it this way: There is no more fear for customers that they may wash one day and see it rain the next; instead, they can just come back the day after and wash again with all wash charges covered by their monthly subscription.”

WALS was originally released in 2003, and currently has more than 1.2 million members enrolled. WALS is an easy-to-use customer-relationship management software program that helps build loyalty programs that are both impactful and relevant to all customers. The addition of subscription capabilities at the Access Entry Station allows customers to sign up for a monthly wash program before they enter the wash. This also limits the amount of work for wash attendants in regard to account creation. The program includes an e-commerce Member Portal that also allows customers to register and/or purchase washes on the Internet. Customers can also manage their accounts through this portal.

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