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July 2017 Issue

OPW Introduces New Ethernet and Wireless IP Gateways

October 28, 2014 •

OPW, a Dover Company and a global leader in fluid-handling solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of additional Ethernet IP Gateway Kits and 3G Wireless IP Gateways. When used in conjunction with OPW’s Petro Vend K800™ Hybrid, C/OPT™, or FIT500™ Fuel Control Systems, the Ethernet IP Gateway Kits and new 3G Wireless IP Gateways provide secure, high-speed authorization processing (100 Mbps), resulting in improved operational efficiencies and enhanced customer experiences.

OPW’s Ethernet IP Gateway Kits offer two serial connections: an outbound card authorization connection and a connection that facilitates inbound communications from the Phoenix® Fuel Management Software for integrated authorization and data polling. The IP Gateway Kits also have a built-in dial-out modem.

For fuel sites that do not have an Ethernet connection available, the new 3G Wireless IP Gateway can facilitate outbound network authorizations. With these wireless IP Gateways, a cellular service provider sends the card authorization information to the network for processing. Antennas – used to boost wireless signals or for mobile applications – and additional ports are available.

Wireless and Ethernet IP Gateways are certified to communicate with the following card authorization networks: CFN, TCH®, T-Chek™, NBS, Chase Paymentech™ and First Data’s BuyPass™.
For more information about OPW’s new Wireless and Ethernet IP Gateways, visit or call (708) 485-4200.

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