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August 2017 Issue

NitroVend Self-Service Nitrogen Tire Inflation Launches in Louisiana

December 2, 2016 •

It is now easier than ever to get the full benefit of driving on nitrogen filled tires.

Stores in Baton Rouge and throughout Louisiana are now offering easy-to-use self-serve nitrogen provided by NitroVend tire inflation machines. NitroVend is the first self-service nitrogen producing machine that gives drivers the easy drive-up access for topping off, or to completely fill and purge tires for a full conversion from air filled tires to nitrogen.

“Most automobiles are coming off the assembly lines with nitrogen filled tires because the tires last longer, get better gas mileage and preserve the look of tire rims with less pitting.” says NitroVend’s Chief Engineer, Alex Diaz.

Longer lasting tires mean fewer tires end up in landfills, which is one of many environmental benefits to having more nitrogen filled tires on the road.

Customers using the new NitroVend machines can still get air service if they prefer to maintain air filled tires.

Tammy Smitherman, National Distributor for NitroVend, says, “While it’s fine to top off air filled tires with air, which can also be provided by our machines, adding air to a nitrogen filled tire introduces precipitation into the tire and causes sensory imbalance and fluid build up in the tire. So it’s better to top off a nitrogen filled tire with nitrogen.”

It takes just minutes to top off nitrogen filled tires and less than five minutes to completely fill and purge a tire for a full nitrogen conversion. The cost to top off four tires is $5.00 and the cost for a complete conversion is $5.00 per tire. The byproduct of onsite nitrogen production is pure oxygen. For just a little time and the cost of a pizza, drivers can have all the benefits that professional racers and motor sports enthusiasts have known about for years.

“The machine also works for other types of wheels and inflatables. Wheelchairs, motor bikes and even basketballs tend to require less maintenance when they are filled with nitrogen,” says Smitherman.

Following NitroVend’s November 2016 soft launch in Louisiana, stores in seven other key states will begin offering NitroVend tire inflation self-service.


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