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New Year’s Publisher’s Note from Gary Bevers

January 1, 2014 •

Here we are at the start of 2014 and it’s hard not to be optimistic. As with every year our industry faces some challenges, but this is an exciting time to be involved in motor fuels. And for me it’s an exciting time to be publishing an online magazine whose goal is to provide what I hope is valuable information, education and analysis for those of you working in this space.

Although Fuel Marketer News launched in September of last year, this month and throughout the rest of this year is when we really plan on kicking off what we hope to offer our readers in a big way. This will include more original content, more dynamic news coverage and seriously ramping up our featured columnist input.

For example, you’ll see enhanced coverage of fuel infrastructure equipment and technology. You’ll see input from our highly experienced and well regarded columnist about the strategic issues facing the industry and the tactical operational decisions that help your business get a leg up on the competition. Our “fuels focused” industry news will be more insightful and broad-based as we encounter interesting perspectives from both traditional and nontraditional sources.

With any new business venture you expect some growing pains, but fortunately ours of been few and manageable. While there are still some editorial tweaking left to be done we are ready to get down to business and hope you come along with us for the ride. We will work hard to make sure you have every reason to make us your go to news site for motor fuels marketing, retailing and supply.


beversGary Bevers has 29 years’ experience in product and market development for innovative eSupply Chain Marketing and Logistics solutions designed to increase downstream petroleum distribution efficiencies. His firm focuses on systems and logistics support  projects that help companies drive sales and operations more efficiently, especially online. He is the publisher and a founder of Fuel Marketer News.
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