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New Products from VP RACING FUELS® to Make their Debut at NACS

September 30, 2014 •

VP Racing Fuels will debut several new product lines at the upcoming NACS show in Las Vegas, with each representing new profit centers for c-stores looking for increased sales volume and higher margins.

VP’s new product lines can be viewed in the Cool New Products Preview Room at the NACS show or at VP’s booth #8415 and include:

VP “Madditives™”, six performance chemicals for automotive and powersport applications:

  • VP Fuel System Cleaner – services the entire fuel system, cleans vital engine components, reduces harmful emissions and restores lost performance, providing protection for up to 5,000 miles
  • VP Power Boost™ – improves combustion and fuel vaporization, generating a seat-of-the-pants power boost you can FEEL! Cleans the fuel system and reduces the need for higher octane
  • VP Octanium™ – octane concentrate for off-road use that increases octane up to 8 numbers, reduces knocking and pinging, cleans fuel injectors and improves throttle response and acceleration
  • VP Fuel Stabilizer with Ethanol Shield™ – prevent problems caused by ethanol-blended pump gas while keeping fuel stable for at least 3 years
  • VP Diesel All-in-One Fuel Conditioner – cleans injectors and pumps, cleans sludge deposits, replaces lost lubrication and improves mileage up to 20%!
  • VP Cetanium™ – cetane concentrate for off-road use that increases cetane rating, reduces smoking, replaces lost lubrication and improves mileage

Madditive Family_6x4_72


VP Small Engine Fuel (SEF) – pre-packaged, ethanol-free fuels to prevent fuel system damage from ethanol-blended pump gas in portable outdoor power equipment, packaged in quart containers:

  • VP-SEF 4-Cycle – ethanol-free gasoline
  • VP-SEF 2-Cycle (50:1) and (40:1) – ethanol-free gasoline pre-mixed with oil, so no mixing or measuring needed
  • VP Fix-It-Fuel™ – fuel system treatment that cleans and rejuvenates poor/non-running 2- and 4-cycle engines damaged by ethanol, an effective pre-treatment prior to using VP Small Engine Fuel

VP-SEF & FIF_Qt_Group_7x5_72


VP PowerWash™ – powerful cleaner available in three formulas:

  • RC Formula – quart spray bottle for RC hobby vehicles
  • Moto Formula – quart spray bottle for motorcycles and other powersport equipment
  • Super Concentrated – gallon container for full-size cars and trucks or for refilling quart sprayers



Each new VP product has been engineered with the same leading technology and passion for performance that VP’s Mad Scientist brings to VP’s race fuels, according to Bruce Hendel, VP’s Director-Consumer Products. “Each product is designed to be best in class,” Hendel said. “The VP brand on these products carries the same assurance of quality and performance customers have come to expect from VP Racing Fuels for nearly 40 years.”

For more information or to order, contact VP at 1.877.515.1733 or visit For more information about VP’s retail branding program, contact:

Ted Tritt – 210-510-8409 or

Upper Midwest/Northeast
Matt Schuster – 210-784-6708 or

South Central/West
Bryan Noonen – 210-289-6000 or

VP Racing Fuels is best known as a World Leader in Race Fuel Technology™, fueling champions in virtually every form of motorsport on land, sea and air since 1975. VP is the Official Racing Fuel of Tudor United SportsCar Championship, AMA Supercross, World of Outlaws Sprint Cars, TORC-The Off Road Championship, Pirelli World Challenge, NHRA Championship Drag Racing and Rally America, among more than 60 VP-sponsored series and sanctioning bodies.

As part of its retail branding program, gas stations/convenience stores across the U.S. are being branded as VP Racing Fuels, with each providing distribution for VP’s other product lines including ethanol-free VP Small Engine Fuels, formulated for 2- and 4-cycle outdoor power equipment; VP Madditive™ performance chemicals; and VP/PowerMaster® hobby fuels for R/C Racing. More information is available online at, or

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