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August 2017 Issue

IPA Develops a New Innovation for Priming and Cleaning Diesel Fuel Injection Systems

March 27, 2017 •

IPA® expands its fuel transfer and filtration line with a new solution for priming and cleaning diesel fuel injection systems. The Diesel-Fuel Injection Cleaner and Primer (#9080) allows technicians to fill the fuel tank reservoir with a fuel system cleaning fluid and clean fuel injectors. They can also quickly and easily purge air from fuel lines while filling them with clean diesel at the flip of a switch. The unique and ultra-portable design features an internal five-gallon tank, battery compartment and coiled fuel hose with extra space for storing including accessories.


Made in the USA, built on a rugged, steel platform and featuring a missile-style power switch, fuel pressure gauge and volt meter, the Diesel-Fuel Injection Cleaner and Primer saves time and prevents premature wear and tear to injection system components.


“The Diesel-Fuel Injection Cleaner and Primer is a great asset for techs who want an easy-to-use and portable method for priming fuel systems after component replacement or repair work,” said Dan Engelsen of IPA®. “It truly is a professional solution. This unit is much more convenient than other methods and avoids the unnecessary wear and tear on the injection pump during cranking.”


In addition to the #9080, IPA® manufactures a full line of fuel transfer and filtration systems. For more information on the complete line of the fuel management systems, please visit


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