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InOvationTV™ Media Platform Selected for Site Upgrades at Nisbet Oil Sites in North Carolina

September 22, 2014 •

The inOvationTV™ media platform continues its nationwide growth with the addition of new Nisbet Oil Company sites in North Carolina. The inOvationTV media platform is a forecourt media program offered jointly by Wayne Fueling Solutions, one of the leaders in fuel dispensing technology, and Gas Station TV (GSTV).

Nisbet Oil Company has announced that they are upgrading a number of their sites in Charlotte, North Carolina to include new Wayne Ovation™ fuel dispensers – featuring the integrated inOvationTV media program. “We really strive to provide a better fueling experience for our customers,” stated Jimmy White, President of Nisbet Oil Company. “The program gives us the ability to help increase loyalty and store traffic. It is the perfect format to do these things better, and promises even greater benefits for us in the future.” An early adopter and proponent of forecourt media, Nisbet Oil originally began incorporating the inOvationTV media program in their site plans in April 2012.

Like many fueling station and convenience store operators, Nisbet Oil Company is currently formulating plans for the upcoming transition to EMV® standards for credit and debit card acceptance. “In addition to the improved forecourt experience and promotional benefits, the technology included with the inOvationTV media program really helps us ‘future-proof’ our fueling operations,” stated White.

“More fuel retailers like Nisbet Oil Company are adopting the inOvationTV media platform,” explained Cameron Nokes, Product Manager, inOvationTV media program, Wayne Fueling Systems. “Because the program includes technology like the Wayne Connect™ IP-485 network solution and Wayne Fusion™ gateway, they have the added assurance of knowing their Ovation fuel dispensers are positioned for the transition to EMV and are capable of supporting other payment technologies as they are implemented.”

Nisbet Oil Company has a long-standing reputation for integrity and service. They have provided 24-hour service to their customers in the Carolinas for 87 years. The company’s primary focus is on its wholesale fuels business; including service to fleet, construction, transportation, and power generation customers. Today, Nisbet Oil has sales of over $100 million annually.

“We’re always pleased to work with successful fuel wholesalers like Nisbet Oil Company,” stated David Leider, CEO of Gas Station TV. “Helping them increase their sales, grow their business, and provide added value to their dealer network is an integral part of our own growth strategy.”

For more information or to showcase the inOvationTV media platform in your region, please visit, contact Wayne Service Solutions at 512-388-8545, or GSTV Retailer Relations at 248-581-2981.

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