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July 2017 Issue

Indigo Energy Expands Southeast Rack Sales Capabilities by Four Terminals

February 28, 2017 •

Indigo Energy, a leading fuel distribution company in the Southeast, announced that it will be expanding its inventory positions into four new markets. The company, which is shipping on the Colonial and Plantation Pipelines, will be adding barrels into the Birmingham, Alabama; Charlotte, North Carolina; Spartanburg, South Carolina; and Roanoke, Virginia markets in mid-March. Indigo Energy will offer all grades of gasoline, as well as an ethanol-free gasoline, when supply is available.


The expansion comes as part of Indigo’s ongoing plan to specialize in energy distribution services in the Southeast, a region where the company is known for its commitment to customers and proven ability to consistently deliver product. The company will continue to add new markets in the Southeast throughout the coming year.


“Our company has built a solid reputation in this region of the U.S. because of our commitment to customers and our ability to be creative when it comes to fuel delivery, even in the face of natural disasters or fuel shortages,” said John Mansfield, Chief Executive Officer, Indigo Energy. “The expanded terminals in Alabama, Virginia and the Carolinas will give us even more flexibility, as well as position us to offer the most competitive pricing to our customers.”


Though the new markets already have a wide variety of suppliers, the OPIS Bottom Line Report shows that they rarely offer discounting beyond the OPIS low. With operational advantages such as its own fleet, Indigo can offer competitive rates to customers for delivered loads or as a common carrier.


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