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August 2017 Issue

Gilbarco Announces First U.S. Fuel Dispenser EMV “Chip” Transaction

June 16, 2017 •

Gilbarco Veeder-Root has announced the successful processing of the first U.S. EMV™ “chip” transaction at a fuel dispenser, utilizing Gilbarco’s Passport® point of sale (POS) and Encore® fuel dispensers on the First Data network. 


Gilbarco’s Passport POS solution is the first POS in the U.S. to process forecourt EMV transactions, leveraging FlexPay™ CRINDS from Gilbarco. Gilbarco expects forecourt EuroPay, MasterCard, Visa (EMV) payments to quickly begin turning on across the country at the large installed base of FlexPay CRINDS as the software is released for payment networks throughout the year, and as fraud migrates to less secure payment points and security-conscious customers migrate to those sites with enhanced security.


The Passport POS system has supported EMV in-store transactions since May 2016. With simple software upgrades, Passport sites can be easily configured and enabled for full EMV transactions at the dispenser for all major card types.


“Gilbarco is proud to continue to lead the market on EMV technologies, both inside the store and at the dispenser. Our customers are looking to enable EMV at the dispenser as soon as possible, to provide the security their customers expect of them and to get the most of the forecourt EMV hardware investments they’ve already made,” said Mark Williams, Vice President of Marketing, Gilbarco Veeder-Root. 


Kamlesh Patel, Owner of the 49 Fuels site processing the first U.S. forecourt EMV transaction, was eager to enable EMV at the forecourt, stating, “Our dispensers were already EMV-ready, so turning on EMV at the dispenser just required a simple Passport software upgrade. We’ve seen our customers rapidly become accustomed to paying with their chip cards inside the store on our Passport system, and they are quickly expecting to be able to use their chip card at the dispenser, as they know that it gives them additional security.”


For more information about the Fundamentals of EMV, click here


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