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August 2017 Issue

API: Senate E15 Legislation Does Not Benefit Consumers or Fix Broken RFS Program

June 13, 2017 •

Ahead of tomorrow’s (June 14) Senate hearing on S.517, the Consumer and Fuel Retailer Choice Act, which would increase the sale of high ethanol blend gasoline E15, American Petroleum Institute (API) Downstream Group Director Frank Macchiarola held a press conference urging Senators to work on real solutions to the broken Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) instead of a bill that doesn’t help consumers and does not fix the broader problem.


“The Consumer and Fuel Retailer Choice Act gives a false choice to the consumer because 85% of the vehicles in the U.S. fleet were not built for E15, and this fuel is not compatible with motorcycles, boats, lawn equipment and ATVs. The choice offered in this bill is a bad one,” said Macchiarola.


“The legislation also reverses decades of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) precedent and substantive Clean Air Act protections, while failing to comprehensively reform the broken RFS. Independent voices have studied E15, and they confirm that it is not compatible with the vast majority of cars on the road, and that greater use of this fuel could result in higher prices at the pump. We urge lawmakers to take up real RFS reform and not be distracted by this flawed bill.”


API is the only national trade association representing all facets of the oil and natural gas industry, which supports 9.8 million U.S. jobs and 8% of the U.S. economy.


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