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August 2017 Issue

About Us

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Fuel Marketer News is the downstream petroleum industry’s established and growing information source for news and education. Encompassing a content rich online web magazine, weekly e-newsletter, vendor marketplace and event-focused print magazines—it reaches fuel marketers, jobbers, distributors (wholesale and retail), retail dealers, terminals, truck fleets, transportation companies, fuel suppliers, service distributors, tank operators and lubricant distributors.


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In addition to covering the latest news in the industry, there will be in-depth coverage of topics that impact your success and profitability, including:

  • The range of issues related to conventional and alternative fuel products—from the policy initiatives in Washington to the market dynamics involved with selling those products.
  • Equipment and technology relative to the fueling infrastructure—from the retail forecourt to the tanker truck to the terminal rack.
  • Developments upstream relative to major suppliers and the supply of crude and refined products that impact our downstream operations.
  • Business management and operations on such topics as financing, real estate, labor and human resources, estate planning and environmental remediation, to name a few.


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Fuel Marketer News currently distributes to a “transportation fuels centric” market of over 13,500 readers and subscribers. We believe these readers represent the core market for fuels management and operations decision makers.